Featured / 05.11.2012

Part A: High Bar Back Squat 3x5 @ 70% 1 Rep Max Part B: Tabata Fight Gone Bad 8 Consecutive rounds 20 sec. work/ 10 sec. rest for each exercise. There is no rest between exercises. Wall Ball Shots M#20/ W#14 Sumo Deadlift High Pull M#75/W#55 Box Jumps 20” all Push-Press M#75/W#55 Row for Cal
Featured / 30.10.2012

Complete as many Reps as Possible in... 3min, 6 min, 9 minutes in the following order 20 Box Jumps M24”/W20” 20 Wall Ball Shots M#20/W#12 20 DB Hang Power Snatch (10 Left/10 Right) M#45+/W#30+ Rest 1 minute after each time period. Begin at top of list for each interval Score for total reps in each cycle
Featured / 27.10.2012

Divide Class into 2 Teams and complete work For Time: 400 M Prowler Push + #90 200 Burpees 4000 M Row (divided in 250m Sprints) (2 Rowers available per team) 200 Burpees 400 M Prowler Push (no more than 2 people working per team at a given time)