Featured / 06.10.2012

Teams of 3-5 With one team member continuously running 200 Meter sprints AMRAP in 20 Minutes Deadlift 5000 Pounds 50 Thrusters #45 Rules: Team members are allowed to alternate runs Other partners complete Deadlift first and deload bar for thrusters Rebuild bar and repeat for as many Pounds and Thruster reps as possible
Featured / 04.10.2012

Part A: On the minute for 20 Minutes Alternating A&B A: 30 seconds Max Rep Strict Ring Dips 30 seconds Rest B: 30 seconds Max Rep Double Unders 30 Seconds Rest (Rest 3 Minutes) Part B: Farmers Carry 1 x 400 Meter (Heavy As Possible)
Featured / 02.10.2012

Part A: 1.500 M Row for Time 2.3 Cycles AMRAP 30 seconds Handstand Push-Up 1 minute Rest (Rest 3 minutes) Part B: 5 Cycles AMRAP 30 Seconds KB Swings Heavy as Possible 1 minute rest (Rest 3 Minutes) Part C: Complete 5x75’ Prowler Push Load heavy as possible/ Rest as needed
Featured / 01.10.2012

Team Relay 1K Watt Bike 30 Wall Ball Shots M#16/W#10 30 Burpees As a team complete: 200 Slam Balls #20 and 200 20” Box Jumps Divide class into 2-3 different teams Each member will go through relay as fast as possible. You can not advance to next station until person ahead of you has finished that exercise. All members must be through relay section and all Slam Balls and Box Jumps must be completed to call time.