Featured / 04.04.2012

In 10 Minutes or less complete 2 K Row Part B: In 10 minutes or less complete “Karen” 150 Wall Ball Shots M#20/W#14 2 Minute rest between part A and B Half of class will start with Row/ half with WB Shots Row is completed in 10 minutes or DNF will result WB Shots are for time or total reps in 10 minutes.
Featured / 31.03.2012

All Classes Statue of Liberty Team WOD 1 Person on Team Must always be supporting #25 Plate above head While Team completes Following For Time: 20 x 200 M Med Ball Sprint 50 Tire Flips 20 x 200 M Row 20 x 10 Push-Press M#65/W#45 20 x 100’ Sled Push 10 x 100’ Bear Crawl Rules: 3-5 PPL per Team 2 People working on team at a time Team number x 10 Burpee Penalty for dropping plate below head height