Results / 04.02.2012

All Classes:
Team WOD:
Teams of 2-3 complete in order for time:
Team is allowed 1 rower and 1 bar and 1 box for entire workout.
No more than 2 people working at a time in a group
For Time:
5 Rounds for Time
30 Deadlifts M#135/W#95
30 Cal Row
30 Thrusters #45
30 Box Jumps 20”
30 Burpees
Results / 02.02.2012

Team WOD Teams of 2-3ppl In 7 Minutes complete 600 Meter Row (200M sprints) 400 Meter Farmers Walk (200M Sprints) M24kg/W16kg Max Rep Push-Ups Team will conduct row and Farmer’s Walk 1 person at a time. Max Rep Push-Ups can be conducted by 2 ppl at a time: Repeat for 3 total cycles resting 1 minute after each cycle. Score for Total Push-Ups per cycle.
Results / 30.01.2012

Buy In: In 10 Minutes complete 30 Turkish Get-Ups (15 Right + 15 left) M24Kg/W16Kg WOD: Complete as many Rounds of the following complex as possible in 15 Minutes Suggested weight is M#115/W#80- scale accordingly 5 Deadlifts 5 Hang Power Cleans 10 Stationary Lunges In Front Rack (Alternating 5 right and 5 Left) 5 Front Squats 5 Push-Press Cash Out: 100 Push-Ups and 100 Sit-Ups for Time
Results / 28.01.2012

Teams of 2-3  complete
4 Cycles of:
In 6 minutes complete 
600 Meter Row (200 M sprints)
As many Rounds as possible of
10 Burpees
10 Air Squats
Complete Row 1 person at a time in 200 M Sprints
2 people working on AMRAP- All reps must be completed in order before starting another round.
1 Minute rest after each cycle.
Score for total whole rounds per cycle.