Results / 11.12.2011

We will be closing for the afternoon and evening classes on Monday December 12th, 2011. As many of you may know, one of our former members Madison Lewis (sister to current member Kendall Lewis) died in a car accident on December 8th. Funeral services are scheduled...

Results / 03.12.2011

Teams of 3-5 With one team member continuously running 200 Meter sprints AMRAP in 20 Minutes Deadlift 5000 Pounds 50 Thrusters #45 Rules: Team members are allowed to alternate runs Other partners complete Deadlift first and deload bar for thrusters Rebuild bar and repeat for as many Pounds and Thruster reps as possible #95x53 Reps 100x 50 Reps 115x 43 Reps 135x 37 Reps 155x 32 Reps 185x 27 Reps 225x 22 Reps