Results / 02.11.2011

Part A: Strength 8x 1 Max Squat Clean In 12 minutes find your 1 Rep Max Squat Clean Part B: WOD On the minute every minute complete 5 Squat Cleans M#135/W#95 with remaining time complete Max Rep Push-Ups Continue until 100 Push-Ups or 15 Minutes
Results / 31.10.2011

Complete as many Reps as Possible in 3min, 6 min, 9 minutes in the following order 20 Cal Row 20 Push Press M#75/W#55 20 Sumo Deadlift High Pull M#75/W#55 20 Box Jumps 20” 20 Wall Ball Shots M#20/W#12 Repeat from Top after list is completed Rest 1 minute after each time period. Begin at top of list for each interval Score for total reps in each cycle
Results / 29.10.2011

WOD Menu: “Abatte” Run 1 Mile 21 Clean and Jerks M#155/W#105 Run 800 Meters 21 Clean and Jerks Run 1 Mile 3 Rounds for Time: 10 Overhead Squats M#135/W#95 50 Double Unders Complete as many rounds in 30 minutes as you can of: Run 400 meters 10 L-Pull-ups 15 Back Extension with 25 pound plate 20 Sit-ups with 25 pound plate
Results / 29.10.2011

Team WOD My Pet Rock 2 Teams of 3-5 complete for Time: 2000 Meter Row ( rotate every 250 meters) 400 Meter Team Farmers Walk 250 Thrusters #45 400 Meter Team Farmers Walk 2000 Meter Row You will be minding a pet rock (24kg KB) for the entire WOD. The pet must be held above standing knee height at all times and travel with you during walks. Dropping or placing the pet down will result in a 10 x # of team members Burpee penalty to be done immediately at time of infraction. Team will be allowed 2 rowers and 2 bars preloaded to #95 for Farmers Walk, Teams must walk bars in a farmers walk style. ( bars can not be seperated) Bars have to be deloaded for Thrusters and reloaded for last farmers walk. Rowers will be preset to 1000 Meters each and both must zero out before moving on to next task.
Results / 26.10.2011

Power Snatch 8x 1 12 Minutes to build to a Max Single“Tabata” Hang Power Snatch M#65/W#45 Push-Ups Overhead Squats M#65/W#45 Double Unders 8 consecutive intervals of 20 Seconds work/ 10 Seconds of rest for each exercise There is no rest in between Tabata Rounds