Results / 16.07.2011

Strength Work up to a 1 Rep Max of Front Squat or Squat Clean. WOD MENU “Morrison” For Time: 50-40-30-20-10 Wall Ball Shots M#20/W#12 Box Jumps 24” KB Swings M24Kg/W16Kg On the minute , every minute complete 3 Clean and Jerks (M#135, W#95). For the remainder of the minute...

Results / 16.07.2011

Team WOD My Pet Rock 2 Teams of 3-6 complete for Time: 2000 Meter Row (rotate every 250 meters) 400 Meter Team Farmers Walk 200 Thrusters #45 400 Meter Team Farmers Walk 2000 Meter Row
  • You will be minding a pet rock (24kg KB) for the entire WOD.
  • The pet must be held above standing knee height at all times and travel with you during walks.
  • Dropping or placing the pet down will result in a 10 x # of team members Burpee penalty to be done immediately at time of infraction.
  • Team will be allowed 2 rowers and 2 bars preloaded to #95 for Farmers Walk,
  • Teams must walk bars in a farmers walk style. ( bars can not be seperated)
  • Bars have to be deloaded for Thrusters and reloaded for last farmers walk.
  • Rowers will be preset to 1000 Meters each and both must zero out before moving on to next task.
Results / 14.07.2011

CrossFit Decatur will be holding part 2 of the new movement workshop Saturday Mornings from 8:00 AM- 8:30 AM. We are asking our Basic and Sport Athletes for input on which movement you need help with. We are considering, kipping pull-ups, double unders or rowing mechanics. Blog...

Results / 14.07.2011

In 3 minutes Run 400 Meters with remaining time: Rnd 1: Max Rep WB Shots M#20/W#12 Rnd 2: Double Unders Rnd 3: Max Rep WB Shots Rnd 4: Double Unders Rnd 5: Max Rep WB Shots Rnd 6: Double Unders Resting 1 minute between each cycle