Results / 22.08.2011

In 6 Minutes Tabata Pull-Ups 400 Meter Run In 6 Minutes Tabata Push-Ups 400 Meter Run In 6 Minutes Tabata Sit-Ups 400 Meter Run In 6 Minutes Tabata Air-Squats 400 Meter Run (Tabata = 8 consecutive rounds of 20 Seconds Work/ 10 Seconds of Rest) Run 400 Meters immediately after each Tabata. Next Tabata cycle starts every 6 minutes. Run must be completed before entering next tabata cycle.
Results / 18.08.2011

Coach Katz is leaving!

  Join us this Saturday, 8/20 for brunch at Highland Bakery (655 Highland Avenue) to celebrate Alissa's last weekend in Atlanta.  She'll be off to New Jersey next week to start her second year of college at Drew University.  The fun starts after the last basic training class on Saturday morning (~11:30).  Carpooling from the gym is encouraged :-) For those interested in a CrossFit style send off, join Alissa on Monday, 8/22 for her last CFD WOD...  THE FREAK! Hope to see you there!