Results / 23.07.2011

Strength: 5x5 Back Squat/ Box Squat/ Front Squat or Front Squat Medley Max Reps @ 185/135 135/95 95/65 WOD MENU “Danny” AMRAP in 20 Minutes of: 30 Box Jumps 24” 20 Push Press M#115/W#80 30 Pull-Ups Oakland SWAT Sergeant Daniel Sakai, age 35, was killed on March 21, 2009 in the line of duty along with fellow officers Sergeant...

Results / 23.07.2011

Team WOD Teams of 3-4 4 Minutes at each station for Max Reps of Wall Ball Shots (1x 16 # and 1x 8# ball available) Tire Flips (2 tires available) Row for Cal (2 rowers available) Burpees Hammer Strikes (2 Hammers and 2 tires available) Rules: 2 people from team working at one time: Teams will be on different stations but must follow set order of exercises Work/ rest is dictated by team

Score= calories rowed/wall ball shots/tire flips/burpees/hammer strikes

Results / 20.07.2011

Team and Individual WOD Class will be divided into 2 groups. 5 Rounds Row 500 Meters Max Front Squats M#65/W#45 While one group is rowing second Group will perform Front Squats Time for Front Squats is dictated by slowest Rower 1 minute transition time between movements Score Total Front Squats for individuals Total Front Squats for each group / Most front squats wins Row fast to limit other teams time for Front Squats