Results / 08.03.2011

Team Workout In 22 Minutes Deadlift 5,000 LBS with the remaining time AMRAP 200 Meter #12 Med Ball Runs Max Rep #45 Front Squats After every 100 Front Squats/ Deadlift another 5,000 LBS Team score for total Front Squat reps (Each completed 200M Run counts as 1 Rep added to total score)   Teams are allowed 1 bar Teams must strip and build bar during WOD Bar can NOT touch ground until 100 reps are met Team Penalty for bar touching ground= 10 Burpees per team member Teams are a min of 3 ppl and a max of 6 ppl 1 Team member must be on run at all times during Front Squats
Results / 07.03.2011

5 Minutes for Max Reps of each Exercise 200 Meter Med Ball Sprints Wall Ball Shots to 10’ target 100’ Sled Push Tire Flips Row for Cal 1 Minute rest after each exercise/ Score for Total Reps! *Rules Each Team can have 2 runners during sprints. Sprints are done with med balls (1x#16/1x#10) Each team will have 2 wall balls (1x#16/1x#10) Teams must rotate members every time ball is dropped. Each Team will have 1 sled, Sled can only be pushed by a single person. Members must rotate on sled every 100’ Each Team will have 2 Tires. Tires must travel during flips. Each Team will Have 2 Rowers Rowers must switch in 20 Cal intervals
Results / 04.03.2011

Team Workout In 22 Minutes Deadlift 10,000 LBS with the remaining time AMRAP 200 Meter Runs Max Rep #45 Thrusters After every 100 Thrusters/ Deadlift another 10,000 LBS Team score for total Thruster reps (Each completed 200M run counts as 1 Rep added to total score)
Results / 02.03.2011

Team WOD For Time: “Our Pet Rock” Row 3000 Meters 200 Push-Ups 50 Tire Flips Row 2000 Meters 150 Push-Ups 40 Tire flips Row 1000 Meters 100 Push-Ups 30 Tire Flips   Class is divided in half Each team is allowed 2 rowers/2 Tires 2 people can work at a time. Tasks must be completed in order. Row is divided into 250 M sprints/ Total distance is divided equally between machines Example 3000 m would have 2 machines set up for 1500 m. Teams will be given 1x 24KG KB to mind as a pet. KB Must remain off ground and above standing knee level until all tasks are complete and time is called. No Laying down! KB can be held anyway possible/ this includes multiple people. If KB touches ground/ entire team must complete a 400M KB run before continuing tasks.
Results / 01.03.2011

In 3 minutes Run 400 Meters with remaining time complete Max Reps of Rnd 1 Lateral Jumps over parallette Rnd 2 Burpees Rnd 3 Lateral Jumps Rnd 4 Burpees Rnd 5 Lateral Jumps Rnd 6 Burpees Rest 1 Minute after each Round Score for Total Reps