Results / 24.03.2011

2 Person Team Event 6 Different Movements will be conducted by everyone Short Work durations followed by rest Make sure you sign up at the gym for Saturday's Workout.  Even athletes doing the 5K should come by after and take part in the events....

Results / 23.03.2011

In 3 minutes complete: Round 1: 400 Meter Run/Max Rep Slam Balls Round 2: 200 Meter Run/Max Burpees Round 3: 400 Meter Run/Max Rep Slam Balls Round 4: 200 Meter Run/Max Burpees Round 5: 400 Meter Run/Max Slam Balls Round 6: 200 Meter Run/Max Burpees Rest 1 min after each round Score for Total Slam Balls and Burpees
Results / 22.03.2011

Tabata: 8 consecutive rounds of 20 sec work 10 sec rest for each exercise. 30 Second rest after each Tabata round. Score for total reps. Row for Cal Double Unders Row for Cal Double Unders Row for Cal Double Unders 6:00 am Row/DU/Sit-Up Jen T.  98/239/158 = 495 Lisa M.  88/10/155 = 253 Sandra C.  58/48/67 = 173 David...

Results / 21.03.2011

Strength 12x2 Shoulder Press Ascending sets on the minute every minute up to a max double. WOD “Deck of Cards” Hearts= Thrusters M#65/W#45 Diamonds= Burpees Spades= Pull-Ups Clubs= Toes to Bar Jokers= 300 M Single Arm Farmer’s Carry M24Kg/16Kg
Comments, Narratives / 20.03.2011

Last week I was back at Dr. Simmons office to fix my crown for the 3rd time in 2 weeks. I didn’t even call this time and just went after I finished the WOD. I just love her receptionist, Ora. She is a lovely wise, old sage and an all around riot. She asked me how I “banged up” my left arm.