Results / 02.03.2011

Team WOD For Time: “Our Pet Rock” Row 3000 Meters 200 Push-Ups 50 Tire Flips Row 2000 Meters 150 Push-Ups 40 Tire flips Row 1000 Meters 100 Push-Ups 30 Tire Flips   Class is divided in half Each team is allowed 2 rowers/2 Tires 2 people can work at a time. Tasks must be completed in order. Row is divided into 250 M sprints/ Total distance is divided equally between machines Example 3000 m would have 2 machines set up for 1500 m. Teams will be given 1x 24KG KB to mind as a pet. KB Must remain off ground and above standing knee level until all tasks are complete and time is called. No Laying down! KB can be held anyway possible/ this includes multiple people. If KB touches ground/ entire team must complete a 400M KB run before continuing tasks.
Results / 01.03.2011

In 3 minutes Run 400 Meters with remaining time complete Max Reps of Rnd 1 Lateral Jumps over parallette Rnd 2 Burpees Rnd 3 Lateral Jumps Rnd 4 Burpees Rnd 5 Lateral Jumps Rnd 6 Burpees Rest 1 Minute after each Round Score for Total Reps
Results / 25.02.2011

DODGEBALL Saturday!!!!!!!

Come in and get your DodgeBall on.  Grab life by the ball and prepare to dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge your way to total domination. And remember, if you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball.
Results / 25.02.2011

Team Tabata 500 M Team Sled Push/Pull W#45 Plate Tabata Pull-Ups 30 Seconds Rest 500 M Team Sled Push/Pull Tabata Push-Ups 30 Seconds Rest 500 M Team Sled Push/Pull Tabata Sit-Ups 30 Second Rest 500 M Team Sled Push/Pull Tabata Air Squats Entire class will work as a team on Sled Push/Pull. As soon as class is in the door Tabata starts.