Results / 09.02.2011

Team and Individual WOD Class will be divided into 2 groups. Each person will complete 5x 500M rows. 30 Seconds transition time between groups. While one group is rowing second Group will perform Max Rep Wall Balls Shots Time for Wall Ball Shots is dictated by slowest Rower Total Wall Ball Shots for individuals Total Wall Ball Shots for each group Most Wall Ball Shots wins
Results / 07.02.2011

Deck of Cards 3 Cycles of: Collect as many cards as possible in 8 minutes: Clubs=Bar Dips Hearts=Pull-Ups Diamonds=Box Jumps M24”/W20” Spades=Push-Ups Joker= 400 Meter Sandbag Run Complete reps for card value. Face Cards and Aces= 10 reps Rest 1 minute after each Round/ Other Game options available!
Results / 04.02.2011

In 20 minutes Teams of 3 Complete AMRAP of: 200m Sand Bag Run Wall Ball Shots (20#/12#) Slam Ball (20#)   Only one Team Member on any task at a time. Team Members rotate tasks as runners return from Sand Bag Run. Time for Wall Ball and Slam Ball is determined by time for Sand Bag Run. Score is total number of Wall Ball Shots and Slam Balls for entire Team.