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In honor of the Martin Luther King Holiday, Sport Classes will be on a Saturday Schedule. Sport Classes are at 8am and 9am only. "Whitten" Five rounds for time of: 22 Kettlebell swings, M32Kg/ W24Kg 22 Box jump, 24 inch box Run 400 meters 22 Burpees 22 Wall ball shots M20/W12
Results / 16.01.2011

In honor of the Martin Luther King Holiday, Basic Training Classes will be on a Saturday Schedule. Basic Training Classes are at 8:30 am, 9:30 am and 10:30 am only. For Time: 1 Mile Run Followed immediately by: 5 Rounds 10 Pull-Ups 20 Burpees Finish with: 1 Mile Run
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CrossFit Decatur will be closed through Thursday. Normal operations will start on Friday (full schedule) and Saturday (normal Saturday Schedule) Monday is MLK Day and we will be on a Saturday schedule. After that we will be back to normal hours. We apologize for any inconvenience!...

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Sorry closed again! Outdoor/Indoor WOD With a stopwatch Lunge forward for 4 minutes 40 Push-Ups 40 Airsquats Lunge Forward for 3 minutes 30 Push-Ups 30 Air Squats Lunge Forward for 2 minutes 20 Push-Ups 20 Air Squats Lunge Forward for 1 minute 10 Push-Ups 10 Air Squats Post total time for completion (include lunge time) and #of lunge steps Indoor/Outdoor WOD 50-40-30-20-10 Reps...

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Outdoor 100 Burpee-Snow angels for Time Perform a burpee, when chest and hips hit the deck Roll to your back and make a snow angel Flip to front, push-up to jump and clap! We are not responsible for clothing stains. Send video or pics to Eric or Ben! Outdoor 20 minute of Sled...

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New Year’s Resolutions Posted by Tom Naughton on Fathead It’s the first Monday in January, which means a lot of people who didn’t write out their New Year’s resolutions over the weekend are probably doing it now. If you’ve made a list of resolutions and it looks something like .I’m going to start saving 10% of my income .I’m going to stop wasting my evenings watching reality shows about people who can’t throw anything away .I’m going to lose 35 pounds … then I have a piece of friendly advice for you: scratch that last one right now. The first two are fine, but the last one has to go. Replace it with something like: .I’m going to buy the latest Atkins book and follow the program exactly .I’m going to stop drinking alcohol except on rare occasions .I’m going to stop eating all sugars and grain foods If you adhere to the resolutions on the second list, you may indeed lose 35 pounds. Or you may not. But what matters is that the goals in the second list are the kind you can definitely achieve if you want to.