Results / 25.09.2010

Team WOD Class is divided into 2 groups Only 2 people from a group can work at one time 2000 M Run in 200M intervals (station is to hammer smith sign and back) 10 Sled laps (empty sled/ sled travels around cones/ approx 200' ) 100 Tire flips (each team is allowed 2 tires) Transition back inside Or this entire WOD can be outdoors 200 Burpees 3000 M row ( in 250 M intervals, each team is allowed 2 Rowers)
Results / 22.09.2010

Team and Individual WOD Class will be divided into 2 groups. 5 Rounds 5 Laps (Approx 200’) Sled Push and Pull #90 Max Rep Wall Ball Shots M#16/ W#10 While one group is on Sled second Group will perform Wall Ball Shots Time for WB Shots is dictated by how fast other team completes Sled Laps 30 Seconds transition time between movements Score Total Wall Ball shots for individuals Total Wall Ball Shots for each group Most Wall Ball Shots wins Push Sled Fast to limit other teams time for Wall Ball Shots