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“Back to Back” Team and Individual WOD Class will be divided into 2 groups. 5 Rounds Row 500 Meters Max Rep Burpees While one group is rowing second Group will perform Burpees Time for Burpees is dictated by slowest Rower 30 Seconds transition time between movements Score  total Burpees for individuals Total Burpees for each group Most Burpees wins Row fast to limit other teams time for Burpees
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Come to the Nutrition Seminar on Saturday Ben and Kelly will be hosting a mini nutrition seminar For ALL CFD Clients From 8AM to 10AM on Saturday September 25, 2010 The class will cover basic nutrition strategies for increased performance and optimizing body composition Please note this will replace the 8AM...

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“Back to Back” Team and Individual WOD Class will be divided into 2 groups. 5 Rounds 5 Laps (Approx 200’) Sled Push and Pull #45 Max Rep Air Squats While one group is on Sled second Group will perform Air Squats Time for Air Squats is dictated by how fast other team completes Sled Laps 30 Seconds transition time between movements Score Total Air Squats for individuals Total Air Squats for each group Most Air Squats wins Push Sled Fast to limit other teams time for Air Squats

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MEASURE AND TRACK YOUR LEAN BODY MASS    Bodymetrics is coming to CrossFit Decatur for Bod Pod Testing on Saturday, 9/18.  Use the registration link below to reserve your spot.  Hurry!  6 Spots Remaining!!!!

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In 3 Minutes complete 30 Sit-Ups With remaining time complete as many Reps as Possible of Round 1 Box Jumps (Suggested Height 24"M/ W20"- Step Ups for modifications) Round 2 Pull-Ups or Ring Rows Round 3 Box Jumps Round 4 Pull-Ups or Ring Rows Round 5 Box Jumps Round 6 Pull-Ups or Ring Rows Rest 30 Seconds after each cycle Score = Total Reps
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IT'S TIME TO START NOW!   Who: CFD Clients and Staff What: Nutritional Goals Event When: Start setting goals on Sept 15th   Where: CrossFit Decatur Why: To create realistic nutritional goals that transfer to a long term lifestyle change How:  Sign Up at CFD.  You will be assigned an accountability partner to help...

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In 3:00 minutes complete 400 M run with remaining time Complete as many Thrusters as possible M#65/w#45 Once bar is picked up there will be a 5 Burpee penalty every time you put it down! repeat for 5 total cycles resting 1 minute between cycles. Record Total Thrusters/Slowest time (time calculated by start of run to picking up bar)