Results / 27.10.2010

In 4 Minutes complete one 400 M run With the remaining time complete as many reps as possible of Round 1 Med Ball Clean Round 2 Push-Ups Round 3 Med Ball Clean Round 4 Push Ups Round 5 Med Ball Clean 1 minute rest after every round, Run Fast to maximize time for Max reps Score = Slowest 400/ Total med Ball Cleans/ Total Push-Ups
Results / 26.10.2010

In 3 Minutes complete a max effort 400 M Sprint With remaining time complete as many reps as possible of: Round 1 Wall Ball Shots (M#20, W#12) Round 2 Russian KB Swings (M24Kg, W16Kg) Round 3 Wall Ball Shots Round 4 Russian KB Swings Round 5 Wall Ball Shots Round 6 Russian KB Swings Score = Slowest Sprint/ Total Wall Ball Shots/Total KB Swings
Results / 22.10.2010

“One Big Ladder” Climb the Burpee/ Wall Ball ladder for 20 minutes. 1 Burpee/1 Wall Ball 2 Burpees/2 Wall Balls etc. Every 3 minutes Coach will call out a short task/ step off the ladder, complete task ASAP and return to the ladder where you left off. Score = last completed rounds + reps
Recipes / 21.10.2010

Peach and Apple Crisp, Sausage Balls, and Korean Meatballs with Cucumber Cantaloupe Salad and Crispy Kale So, let’s go super simple this week. I am going to work on posting things that are really easy to throw together, as we are quickly approaching a time when folks seem to fall off the nutrition boat. Cross my heart, I will make this as quick and painless as possible for you…but, keep in mind that nutrition control does not come without effort. Having said that, eat up those good carbs, proteins, and fats! And, as always, ask if you have questions!