Results / 31.07.2010

"The Freak" (AKA the Neron Hinton Memorial WOD) All Components Done For Time: "Fran" 21-15-9 Thruster M#95/W#65 Pull Ups Then: Run 1 Mile Then: "Grace" 30 Reps Clean and Jerk M#135/W#95 Finish with 2000 Meter Row 8:00 am Tom 29:54 James 31:06 Rx Lee 44:06 Rx Glen, thanks for comming! Neron 31:20 Rx Anita 35:27 Ben 26:03 Rx Paolo 35:11 Rx Eric 29:37 Rx Keith 33:33 9:00 Matt 45:15 Isiah, WELCOME!!! Paris ?...

Results / 30.07.2010

"The Calm before the Storm" A Team WOD In 20 minutes complete one 800 Meter  Farmer's Walk/Run (M24Kg/W16Kg) With the Remaining Amount of Time: Complete as many Deadlifts (M#155/W#105) as Possible while Partners alternates a 250 Meter Row. Score for Team is Total number of Deadlifts

Hinton hammer There is always a wrinkle!

Results / 23.07.2010

Strength Deadlift 1x5 WOD In 15 Minutes Row 1000 M Climb the following ladder with remainder of Time 1 Lateral Burpee (Burpee terminates with jump over parallette) 1 Deadlift (M#205/W#135) 2 Lateral Burpees 2 Deadlifts etc..... Score is last Completed Round +Reps