Results / 17.07.2010

21-18-15-12-9-6-3 Deadlifts (#155/105) Pushups Double Unders ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8:00am Audrey: 13:16 #85 Le: 13:37 Rx+ #115 Doug: 14:48 #105 9:00am Nicole F: 13:35 Rx Nicole G: 17:57 Rx Ben: 6:26 Rx+ #165 Paolo: 8:02 Rx Steve: 7:41 #145 10:00am Rob M: DNF (Work in progress Rob) JMo: 14:52 Tonya: 12:37 Aimee: 15:28 Rx (The DUs are coming!!) Kristan: 17:20 Rx+ #115 (Way to go Kristan!!) Ant: 12:34...

Results / 14.07.2010

Time and Task Ladder In 10 minutes Climb as many rounds as possible. 1 Box Jump/ 1 KB Swing 2 Box Jumps/ 2 KB Swing etc.... Record # of Complete Rounds Rest 2 minutes For Time: Starting at the last completed round climb back down ladder (example finished with 14 complete rounds start with 14 Box Jumps and 14 KB Swings) Box Jump= M24”/W20” KB Swing =M24Kg/W16kg
Recipes / 13.07.2010

After posting for just two weeks, I've received some great feedback from the CFD community. I'm excited to continue helping everyone discover new healthy eats; and now, thanks to some excellent suggestions, I am going to try and make it even easier! Starting tomorrow, Kelly's Healthy...