Recipes / 01.07.2010

paleo spaPaleo Spaghetti with Fennel and Orange Salad Makes about 14 blocks Total (2 4 block and 2 3 block meals) Ingredients: Spaghetti: 2 small spaghetti squash 1 jar Classico Spicy Tomato and Basil Marinara (I only selected this one because it is lower in carbs than others and tastes amazing- you can certainly make your own sauce or use another that you like…just watch the sugar!) 1 lb ground Italian Chicken or Turkey (You can use whatever you like here- lean ground beef, bison, etc. I like the sweet Italian ground turkey sausage from the market.)
Recipes / 30.06.2010

Spinach mushroom QuicheSpinach Mushroom Quiche Makes 4 servings at 4 blocks Protein (P) and about 2 blocks Carb (C) I adapted this recipe from a great post I found in my Rachel Ray mag months ago. The original uses regular potatoes, but in an effort to healthy it up, I have thrown in sweet potatoes instead and halved the amount. This makes for a great, much more healthy and Zoned ‘crust,’ completely devoid of the flour and butter base associated with most quiches.
Recipes / 29.06.2010

So, I have finally quit talking and started doing! Along with Coach Ben, I have been batting around a nutrition blog idea for quite some time, and I have decided it's time to commit. Many of you frequently ask me about diet and nutrition, as well as for recipes and ideas to make your lives more healthy through food. I am not an expert, but I will say that I have learned much through providing heathy food for the gym in the past, as well as studying, and alot of trial and error. It is my hope that through this blog, I can start providing CFD with great recipes, ideas, and helpful tips to assist in better decision making when it comes to what we all put in our bodies.
Comments / 28.06.2010

j0309615 "Communication is complicated. We are all raised in a slightly different family, with slightly different definitions for every word. An agreement is only an agreement when each party knows the conditions for satisfaction and a time for satisfaction to occur." Communication is easier than we imagine. Our ability to communicate and listen is hampered by what we project as outcome.  All too often we feel communication could negatively impact or damage a relationship. We clam up and choose to be passive in the face of working through a situation. Time for us to speak our minds.  
Results / 28.06.2010

06.28.10 Sport Results
Strength WOD
Shoulder Press 3x5
Front Squat 3x5
Team Warm-Up WOD Farmer Walk Relay
For Time:
Complete 800 m farmer's walk/run with partner as fast as possible
1 person must always be carrying both KB's below waist
On the minute every minute both partners complete 10 Air squats.
Results / 28.06.2010

06.28.10 Basic Training Results Complete as many rounds as possible in 8 minutes of
5 DB Shoulder Press
10 Box Jumps ( or Step Ups)
Rest 2 minutes
Complete as many rounds as possible in 8 minutes of:
5 DB Shoulder Press
10 Weighted Step ups same (weight as Press)