Results / 23.07.2010

Strength Deadlift 1x5 WOD In 15 Minutes Row 1000 M Climb the following ladder with remainder of Time 1 Lateral Burpee (Burpee terminates with jump over parallette) 1 Deadlift (M#205/W#135) 2 Lateral Burpees 2 Deadlifts etc..... Score is last Completed Round +Reps
Results / 22.07.2010

“What’s in the Bag?” A Chipper in 5 Parts For Time: 80 Box Jumps M24”/W20” Farmers walk 400 Meters M24Kg/ W16Kg each Hand 40 Step Ups M24Kg/ W16Kg each hand Overhead Walking Lunge Step 300’ With Plate #45M/#25W Run 400 M with Plate #45M/#25W to Finish