Results / 04.08.2010

“The Triplet” In this workout you will be given 3 couplets. Each couplet is for Time. There is a 7 Minute Time Limit for each WOD: If WOD is not finished score is determined by # of Reps There is a 1 minute Rest between each WOD WOD 1 3 Rounds (50 reps per Round) 30 Double Unders 20 KB Swings M24Kg/W16Kg WOD 2 3 Rounds (50 reps per Round) 30 Air Squats 20 Box Jumps M24”/W20” WOD 3 3 Rounds 30 Calorie Row 20 Wall Ball Shots M#20/W#12
Results / 03.08.2010

"Patrick's Letter" To the clients of  CFD. I wanted to take the time to thank all of you. For your kind words, your gracious gestures and your indominitable spirit. This is my last week at Crossfit Decatur. My Mom is going into the last chapter of  her life and I need...

Results / 31.07.2010

"The Freak" (AKA the Neron Hinton Memorial WOD) All Components Done For Time: "Fran" 21-15-9 Thruster M#95/W#65 Pull Ups Then: Run 1 Mile Then: "Grace" 30 Reps Clean and Jerk M#135/W#95 Finish with 2000 Meter Row 8:00 am Tom 29:54 James 31:06 Rx Lee 44:06 Rx Glen, thanks for comming! Neron 31:20 Rx Anita 35:27 Ben 26:03 Rx Paolo 35:11 Rx Eric 29:37 Rx Keith 33:33 9:00 Matt 45:15 Isiah, WELCOME!!! Paris ?...

Results / 30.07.2010

"The Calm before the Storm" A Team WOD In 20 minutes complete one 800 Meter  Farmer's Walk/Run (M24Kg/W16Kg) With the Remaining Amount of Time: Complete as many Deadlifts (M#155/W#105) as Possible while Partners alternates a 250 Meter Row. Score for Team is Total number of Deadlifts

Hinton hammer There is always a wrinkle!