Results / 28.06.2010

06.28.10 Basic Training Results Complete as many rounds as possible in 8 minutes of
5 DB Shoulder Press
10 Box Jumps ( or Step Ups)
Rest 2 minutes
Complete as many rounds as possible in 8 minutes of:
5 DB Shoulder Press
10 Weighted Step ups same (weight as Press)
Results / 26.06.2010

06.26.10 Special Saturday Bonus WOD 1 Round for time of: Move Robby's House uhaul
  • Robbie Harris: Rx
  • Drew Cash: Rx
  • Tommy Meers: Rx
  • Chris Luke: Rx+ Washer and dryer down a flight of stairs
Thanks for everyone who helped out.  Moving sucks under the best of circumstances but you guys made it easy.  And cold beers at 10am is always a treat.
Results / 25.06.2010

20 min AMRAP: 100' Crab Walk 10 Burpie Pullups 10 Box Jumps --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8:00am Diana: 5.5 Mod Paolo: 7 Rx Duda: 8 Rx Rachele: 5 Red Band 9:00am Ed: 5.4 (Way to go solo Ed!!) 10:00am Aimee: 5 Rx (Welcome Aimee!) Ant: 4.12 Rx Daphanie: 4 (Mod= 12 min) 11:00am Erinn: 4.13 Rx ...

Results / 24.06.2010

06.24.10 Basic Training Results
Team WOD
Relay style. 
Part 1.
Perform as many KB swings as possible in 8 minutes 
Partner does Med ball Shuttle Run Approx 200'
Rest 2 minutes
Part 2.
Perform as many Slam Balls as possible in 8 minutes 
Partner does Med ball Lunge Approx 200'
Results / 22.06.2010

[caption id="attachment_4621" align="aligncenter" width="655" caption="Ed walks his lovely daughter Hope down the aisle."][/caption] [caption id="attachment_4615" align="aligncenter" width="655" caption="Kathryn Hope Buckley and Daniel Montana Day exchange wedding vows."][/caption] Saturday June 19th 2010...

Results / 21.06.2010

Spend July 4th evening with your Family at CrossFit Decatur.    7 PM until the fireworks are over! We will be providing Charcoal, paper products, and ice. Bring friends, meat to grill, a side dish to share and beverages of your choice! We have a sign up sheet on the Warm Up...