Results / 05.03.2010

Team WOD Teams of 2-3 people. Only 2 people can work at a given time. There will be 5 stations to rotate through. Each station has 2 components. Component 1-Each team will have 5 minutes to complete as many reps as possible. On the call of rotate, team will move to next station. Component 2- requires one team member to complete a separate task. during that 5 minute interval. Station 1 Max Rep Hammer Strikes M#16/W#10 Run 400 Meters w #16 med ball Station 2 Max Rep KB Thrusters M16Kg/ W 12 Kg Run 200 M with #65 Sandbag Station 3 Max Rep Tire Flips Run 400 M W#16 Med Ball Station 4 Max Rep Wall Balls M#20/ W#12 Run 200 M with #65 Sandbag Station 5 Max Rep KB Swings M24Kg/W16Kg Farmers Walk 400 Meters M24Kg/W16 KG each hand Coach has final say in all rules and ruling! Penalties will be enforced for not completing component 2 during set time period. Winner is determined by best total rep score! This WOD will be outside-rain or shine, cold or hot!
Results / 27.02.2010

02.27.10  Sport Results
In honor of our athletes representing Crossfit Decatur
at "Rumble at the Rock" affiliate team challenge 
"Pain Train Light"
Complete for Time in order:
Row 3k meters
150 Pull ups
175 Thruster [65/45]
200 KB swing [1.5 /1]
225 Wallball [20/12]
250 Deadlift [135/95]
Entire class finishes together with 400 M Run
Entire class will pitch in/ 2 people at a time
Cycle members fast for best results
Games standards enforced/ No Bad Reps