Featured / 03.02.2014

Part A: Mobility T-Spine   Part B: In 20 minutes 100 Sit-ups 50 V-Ups With remaining Time: Ascend the ladder as high as possible 3-6-9-12-15-18-21 etc Weighted step-ups (sandbag) (M24”/W20”) Sand Bag Back Squats Hand Release Push-Ups Score Sit-Up & V-Up time/ total reps
Featured / 03.02.2014

Part A: Dynamic Warm up/ Front Squat clinic Part B: Take 20 mins to find 1rm Front Squat Part C: Open Wod 13.4 In 7 mins climb an ascending ladder 3 C&J (135/95) 3 TTB * ladder ascends by intervals of 3 every round * score total reps
Featured / 28.01.2014

Part A: Dynamic Warm up Part B: Skill stations 15 min EMOM -5/10 Ring dips -10/15 pull ups -15/20 sec L-sit *athletes start at different stations and switch stations every minute. Total 5 minutes per station total. Part C: 10 min EMOM -30 seconds Max Effort HRPU -30 seconds Max Effort Reach Throughs *score total reps, 1 big number 
Featured / 25.01.2014

Part A: Mobility Posterior High Chain & T-Spine Part B: 500 Meter Row 40-30-20-10 Wall Ball shots (M#20/W#14) Sit-Ups 500 Meter Row (15 Minute Cap) Rest 2 Minutes 1000 Meter Row then, 400' Overhead Lunge (M#45/W#25) then, 1000 Meter Row (15 Minute Cap)