Featured / 23.12.2013

Basic: Part A: 12 Burpees 21 Kettle Bell swings (M24kg/W16kg) 12 Burpees  4 min cap Part B: 3 Cycles  In 6 minutes:  Row 750 Meters  30 Goblet Squats (M24kg/W16kg)  With remaining time complete:  As many Push-Ups as possible   Rest 1 minute after each cycle/ score total PU’s per cycle
Featured / 23.12.2013

Part A:  800m run 30 banded squats 30 lunge pass throughs   Part B: "Crossfit Total" 10 mins to find 1RM Strict Press 10 mins to find 1RM Back Squat 10 mins to find 1RM Dead Lift   Comp Add: 10 min EMOM Odds: 10 TTB Evens: 30 Double Unders   *Double Unders MUST be unbroken
Featured / 19.12.2013

Part A Movement Prep   Part B  Gymnastics Benchmark Max effort unbroken pull ups Part C For time: 2k row 50 Double Unders 40 HRPU 30 Goblet Squats (32kg/24kg) (100#/70#) 20 V- ups 10 Burpees Competitors Add: 10 min EMOM Odds: 10 shoulder touches Evens: 15 sec L-sit (unbroken)  

Featured / 18.12.2013

Part A: 100 Slam Balls for time: 5-minute Cap   Part B: In 10 Minutes, climb the ladder 3, 6, 9... Box Jumps 24’’/20’’ K.B. Swings M24kg/W16kg Rest for 1 minute then descend the ladder beginning with number of last completed round. Score for Rounds and Reps/ Time