Part A: Movement Prep Part B: 15 min running clock 12 minutes to complete 1k Row then AMRAP of... 8 kbs (32/24)(24/16) 8 goblet squat (32/24)(24/16) 8 burpees *score 1k row, rounds and reps *Rest 3 mins then... Part C: 50 Pull-Ups for time *10 min cap * Start pull ups at 15 mins on clock

Part A: Dynamic Warm Up Part B: In teams of 2 10 min EMOM -one partner does max effort DU -one partner holds plank for 60 secs * partners switch stations every min * score total number of DU Part C: In teams of 2 (same team used in part b) For time: 800m run -100 slam balls 400m run -75 air squats to slam ball 200m run -50 slurpees (slam ball burpees) *one ball per team (30/20) *cannot start work until both partners are finished with run *must take ball with you on runs