Part A: 3 Heavy sets of 5 Front Squats Resting 3 minutes after each set. Part B: In 3 minutes, run 400 M.  With remaining time complete max reps: 1) Squat Cleans M #135/W#95 2) Bar-Facing Burpees 3) Squat Cleans M #135/W#95 4) Bar-Facing Burpees Rest 1 minute after each cycle

June Painstorm (Courtesy of CF New England) 5000lb from Ground to Overhead Choose your own load and complete GTOH reps totalling 5000lb (e.g. 25 reps@200lb = 5000lb, 50 reps@100lb = 5000lb). The first time you break complete 1 round of 5 Handstand Push-ups, 10 pull-ups, 25 squats before resuming GTOH. Second time you break, do 2 rounds before getting back on the bar. Third break do 3 rounds etc. Post load used and total time to comments

AMRAP in 7 minutes Burpees (terminating in a 2 hand touch to object 6” above standing reach) 2 minute Rest AMRAP in 7 Minutes Wall Ball Shots M#20/W#14 2 minute Rest AMRAP in 2 Minutes Deadlifts M#205/W#145