How To Drink Like An Athlete

drink like an athlete

How To Drink Like An Athlete

A couple years ago I had the chance to learn from a great trainer & dude name Jamaal Rashad. Jamaal was a former running back at Fresno State University (behind Ryan Mathews) and after a short lived NFL practice squad career he went into training NFL, NBA & MLB players and CrossFitters. He is world renown for taking those guys who are “almost there” and getting them a contract.

His big thing with his guys is if you want to be a pro athlete, act like it, on & off the field. The first topic he always talks about was drinking. The point he makes is never that players shouldn’t drink, it is they should do it in the right, professional way which is:

  1. Only straight booze (shots)
  2. Eat very little before going
  3. Do 2-3 shots before leaving for the destination
  4. When you arrive get immediately take another shot and then get some water
  5. Now go chill for 30 minutes to an hour with your water and don’t have anymore booze until you feel the entirety of the buzz you have just created
  6. Only have another drink if you ask yourself “am I buzzed enough” if the answer is no, go do another shot
  7. Always get a ride
  8. Never eat after going out

This may seem like a recipe for disaster, but it’s actually genius if you look at it. If you only drink straight booze you drastically cut the amount of processed sugar & calories you are taking in, which will keep your body fat lower and make your hangovers less impactful. If you start the night hard it’s very likely that you won’t be able to make it long, which will reduce the amount you drink (calories & sugar) and lastly because there was little or no food in the system your body will burn the fructose (bad sugar) due to the lack of other available blood sugars. All good things when your goal is to get up and have your body look good and perform well the next day.

So you’re saying chug bourbon before Thanksgiving dinner?

No, the idea I am trying to convey here is to think before you just trash your body. I see many of you disappear during the holidays and you show back up in January 10-20 lbs heavier and most of that weight is booze. Let’s do some math here 1 gram of alcohol has 7 calories in it (and it’s all sugar, just like cookie) a glass of wine has 14 grams of alcohol, a light beer has 16 grams, 1.5 oz shot 12 grams, if you play the numbers game your best bet on saving your calories and your carbs is to have your drinks straight. Forget the wine, go to Brick Store and skip the beers (sorry Dave) have your drink neat. I realize I won’t get you (or myself) to cut out the booze during the holidaze, but at least we can all be a little smarter about it. This holiday season try to enjoy everything, but not to excess. You only get one body and it can only take so much before it gives up.

Coach Johnny



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