Prepping For The CrossFit Open

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Prepping For The CrossFit Open

As of today, we are less than 10 weeks away from the start of the CrossFit Open. Every year around this time I get a few people asking “what should I be doing to prep for the open?”

For the last six years, I have answered the question this way: Nothing. The open is a test of classic Crossfit and that is what we do every day. So as long as you show up consistently, work on your weaknesses and attack workouts with intensity, you are trained up. There is no need to “prep.”

I still stand by this message, there is no need prep if you do things the right way. That being said I had a slight paradigm shift after having a conversation with another coach recently. He made the point that when you take the SAT that your prep for, that perspective professional athlete’s prep specifically for the test they are about to take.

When I get into that sort of mindset, I see the Open can be treated the same way. We know what the test is: couplets & triplets with relatively light loadings and no interference (push press & hspu won’t be placed back to back). So for the first time ever I am considering offering a CrossFit Open Prep program starting in January.

The program will be 2 months and would work like this:

  • January’s focus would be on “killing goats.” Meaning picking 2 things that are weaknesses for you and turning them into strengths. We’d do this by providing custom programming for your weakness and you would have to show up 3 days per week and work on that instead of doing the CFD WOD.
  • February’s focus would be on building a big engine so you have the horsepower to crank through workouts. So those 3 days per week that used to be skill days will become personalized paced based EMOM’s to develop that torque needed to do well in workouts like Thrusters & Rowing/ Wallball Shots & Deadlifts, Chest to Bars & Snatches. These workouts will be done instead of doing the CFD WOD that day.
  • 2 Days Per Week You would do the CFD WOD and you would get coached up on how to use it to train for the Open
  • On Sunday’s there would be a 75-minute class that worked on skills and taught you how to personally address types of movements & workout pairings that are in the Open.

I think this sort of structure is the best way to attack the open and would set up really nicely for those who really care about doing well.

That being said offering something like this will take time for Phil & I, this would cost extra on top of your membership (something like $200 for the program).

We also want to make sure there is enough interest. If this is something you want to consider doing please fill out the form below. If you aren’t interested just keep showing up and doing CrossFit and you will be just fine.

CF Open Prep

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