CrossFit WOD, January 21, 2020

CrossFit WOD, January 21, 2020

WOD for 1.21.20

The Standard Issue
400m Run
10 Sumo Squats
10 Standing Quad Stretched
10 Figure Fours
10 Standing Hip Crossovers
10 Inch Worms + Push-Up
10 Arm Circles Forward
10 Arm Circles Backwards
10 World’s Greatest Stretch

Workout Of The Day
1-Mile Run (Time)
Max Effort 1-Mile Run

Rest 10:00 between each effort
2k Row (Time)
Max Effort 2k Row

After the WOD grab a lacrosse ball and mobilize your Tibialis Anterior for 2 minutes each side. Here is a video on how to do it

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